Welcome to the Social Learning Network

social-networkThe Social Learning Network has been set up to foster conversations about the potential use of social, informal online learning in civil society.

As well as discussions about social learning, the network is also a platform for providing social learning, and we hope to be able to run experiments and prototype learning exercises here.

Inspiration for the network came from David Wilcox of Social Reporter and the technology is provided by Dave Briggs of Kind of Digital.

It’s all very new, so please bear with us as things get set up and sorted. If you’d like to get involved, please request membership and we can give you access. See below for an update on our main exploration.

Digital Technology in Later Life

David Wilcox, Drew Mackie, Steve Dale and others are running an exploration with the Nominet Trust into how people 55+ can use digital technologies to improve their quality of life, and how others can help.

As part of this work, a network is being developed for people interested in the field, where resources, knowledge and learning can be shared. This is taking place in this group, which is public to access and view.

To contribute you do need to become a member of the Social Learning Network, and then click to join the group. It doesn’t take long though!

Update: we have now completed the exploration, and you can the results on this wiki, together with news of a new funding programme from Nominet Trust about how digital technology may help us during transitions in life.