Social learning is based on the concept that people can learn better from each other, rather than by listening to a teacher or trainer.

It tends to be informal, and while social learning can take place through many mediums and in different contexts, it is ideally suited to the web and the use of new media tools that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience.

This network site provides a space for discussion and exploration of social learning – particularly, though not exclusively, in the context of civil society. How can organisations and people working towards social aims learn from one another, without huge expense?

Perhaps social learning can help!

This ongoing discussion and sharing of resources happens in three main spaces on the site. The blog, where longer thought pieces and stories can be published; the wiki pages, where collections of resources and information can be built up; and the main activity stream, where anyone can post short nuggets of information, links, or whathaveyou.

As well as being a place where social learning is discussed, this is also a platform for the delivery of social learning – particularly where learning from the experience of that learning can be shared more widely (if that isn’t all a bit too meta!).

This activity takes place mostly in the groups, which can have various levels of privacy depending on the nature of the work being undertaken.

So, private or public communities of practice can be set up here, and help given to facilitate them and ensure they are successful. If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch.

The Social Learning Network is an informal collaboration. The original idea belongs to David Wilcox of Social Reporter, and the technology has been put together and hosted by Dave Briggs of Kind of Digital.