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Connect the social care market – 28

October 17, 2012 in Challenge

Those working with people in later life, and technology, do not appear to be using technology themselves substantially to share experience and learning.
The social care market is fragmented and there is a significant disconnect between innovators, developers, commissioners and care sector professionals.
Outside of the care sector there is little understanding of the complex funding streams and the growing number of people self-funding their care and support, which is a big market.
There is scope for connecting those working in social care, health, housing, with private care providers, voluntary and social enterprise sectors and the police

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  1. I wonder how we can use technology to re-organise resources in communities in order to support social care? There is a great example in Cumbria of a Centre for the Third Age connecting with GP surgeries offering support for patients who are experiencing mild depression and would benefit from some company or for those who have mobility issues and would welcome help with shopping. How can we use technology to build new communities of care?

  2. When CQC recently undertook the registration process of all adult care providers, they found that they could not do it all via email as some small providers did not have email addresses.

  3. I am a social work student currently studying my Masters. I am in my final year and researching for my dissertation. I am looking to do something around the emerge of the e-market place that is currently being piloted in Hertfordshire and previously done in Doncaster. This scheme at present will suppport self-funders and those who are in receipt of direct payments to purchase their own services online. I would like to hear views about how this will affect older people and do people think this is where social work is heading? Many Thanks.

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