Digital Story-telling – 42

October 22, 2012 in Solution

I was very impressed this evening to see the work of tenantspin in Liverpool who have been working with older people to help them use new technologies to tell stories about their lives and recreate memories. This evening I saw an animation of a story about a character from someone’s childhood, and a film of a musical, performed by older people, about the impact of technology on people’s lives. This is some powerful work which both deserves a wider audience and to be replicated elesewhere.

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  1. Hello John. That sounds really interesting.

    I just had a quick scan of the tenantspin blog but couldn’t find any examples. Do you know if they are sharing any of the story telling online? I’m presuming so. I’d love to see that animation for example.

    If you do know any links or have a contacts you could introduce me to I’d love to know. Thanks John.

    Best, Matt

  2. I’d very much appreciate finding out more about digital story telling. Disabled people say that their experience (stories) are the most under-used resource in social care; is anyone aware of any good practice beyond tenantspin?

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