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As well as being a space for discussion about social learning, this site can be a platform for people and organisations to try out social learning, do some experiments, run some prototypes, etc.

This docs lists some ways social learning can take place here, using the technology we currently have available. Often this is just using similar features in subtly different ways to achieve differing outcomes.

Please add your own ideas!

Sharing online resources or snippets of knowledge

By simply posting links, images or videos to the site wide activity stream, via profile pages or the activity page, users can share that item with the rest of the network quickly and easily.

Bookmarking others’ knowledge

Those things that others have shared can be ‘liked’ and this stores an item to a list on your own profile page for later retrieval.

Groups as communities of practice

The groups can be used as CoPs, enabling ongoing discussion of niche topics, with more in depth knowledge sharing.

Wiki style docs in groups

Docs enable everyone in the group to add their knowledge to a single resource quickly and easily. The history function makes it easy to see who added or changed what, too.

Groups as in depth workshops

Private groups can be set up to run time limited, ongoing workshops – such as the recent one on PKM run on the Social Learning Centre.